The Great EB-5 “Expedited Processing” Debate: The Issue of "False Inducement"

USCIS has apparently approved one or more EB-5 projects with a promise to process I-526s in a matter of weeks, diverting from regulatory "expedited processing" standards. Projects must wield this privilege ethically when marketing abroad.

Jose E. Latour Sep 05, 2018

SEC Charges Florida Regional Center Stole $43.9 Million from EB-5 Investors

Already facing criminal charges, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has now charged Florida developer Robert Walsh and the South Atlantic Regional Center with EB-5 fraud.

Jose E. Latour Aug 17, 2018

Five AVS I-526s Approved in One Week - No RFEs!

The USCIS approved 5 AVS EB-5 Petitions from 2 Projects so far this month.

Jose E. Latour Aug 16, 2018

Looking Ahead at EB-5 2019: Suzanne's Big Picture Observations

Suzanne Lazicki of Lucid Professional Writing is EB-5's most respected independent authority and commentator on investor visas. Here's a summary of her takeaway from last weeks industry forum.

Jose E. Latour Jul 31, 2018

Lawsuit To Challenge EB-5 Cap Interpretation

In 1990, Congress made it clear when it created the EB-5 visa that they wanted 10,000 INVESTORS per year, and that family members were not to be included in that number. Now a prominent immigration litigator is taking the US government to court to prove it.

Jose E. Latour Jul 30, 2018

Why the U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Resigned: A Story of Integrity

Ambassador Ted Osius resigned his post in Vietnam earlier this year in response to policy changes by the Trump Administration. Here, he explains why.

Jose E. Latour Jul 14, 2018

Beating the EB-5 Backlog: the Grenada E-2 Option for Vietnamese Investors

American Venture Solutions and LatourLaw are offering Vietnamese investors the first ever Turnkey U.S. Transition Solution to help families move efficiently through the process of migrating to the U.S.

Jose E. Latour Jun 13, 2018

GOOD News for EB-5 Investors Filing I-829s!

I-829 filings will get automatic 18 month extensions instead of 12 months

Jose E. Latour Jun 13, 2018

How Long Does EB-5 Take? A MUST-READ Posting By Suzanne Lazicki of Lucidtext

The new Lucidtext blog by Suzanne Lazicki provides invaluable insight into the inner workings of I-526 processing at USCIS and every EB-5 attorney and investor with a pending I-526 needs to read yesterday's blog very carefully.

Jose E. Latour May 19, 2018

Time to Discuss Options for AVSEB-5 Families with Older Kids

The Visa Backlog for Vietnamese EB-5 investors may affect families with older children who are relying on the CSPA to protect them after they turn 21...time to get proactive!

Jose E. Latour May 04, 2018

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