Vietnam's Last $500,000 EB-5 Investors Rush to Beat December Program Expiration

As USCIS moves to increase the minimum required EB-5 investment amount to $1.3 million (TEA project), Vietnamese investors scramble to fund before the huge price jump expected after December 7.

Jose E. Latour Oct 29, 2018

GOING DEEP: How Grenadian Nationality Can Deliver Future Tax Savings on Global Income

Our "Going Deep" series is designed for our readers who want a more comprehensive understanding of their foreign investment and immigration options.

Jose E. Latour Oct 25, 2018

LatourLaw Debuts Grenada Passport/E-2 Turnkey Package in Vietnam

LatourLaw's Vietnam office held its first Grenada CBI/E-2 Treaty Trader educational conference this week, introducing turnkey U.S. investment solution to Vietnamese investors.

Jose E. Latour Oct 25, 2018

First AVS EB-5 Investor Approved as PERMANENT Resident!

American Venture Solution's just had its first I-829 approval from USCIS, and one of our dearest friends and his family are now PERMANENT U.S. RESIDENTS!

Jose E. Latour Oct 18, 2018

REAL ESTATE UPDATE: Chinese Investors Defrauded with Australian Real Estate...Is Vietnam Next?

Chinese Luxury Real Estate Firm disappears with almost U.S. $50M in Deposits for Australian Real Estate

Jose E. Latour Oct 18, 2018

EB-5 Deadline of Dec. 7th is Around the Corner...Beat the Projected Price Increase By Investing Now

The latest short-term extension of the EB-5 Regional Center and the current $500,000 TEA-project investment threshold expires on December 7th, so it's time to plan to beat the price increase.

Jose E. Latour Oct 17, 2018

GOING DEEP: Understanding "Immigrant Intent" Under U.S. Immigration Law

"GOING DEEP" is a new series of articles from Jose Latour intended to provide our more sophisticated readers with a deeper understanding of U.S. and global migration, relocation, and taxation issues.

Jose E. Latour Oct 15, 2018

LatourLaw Vietnam's GRENADA EDUCATION WEEK is Around the Corner!

LatourLaw Founder and former U.S. Visa Officer Jose Latour's monthly October Saigon visit will focus on educating Vietnamese investors on Grenada's CBI Program, E-2 Investment Options in the U.S., and more.

Jose E. Latour Oct 15, 2018

FOR SHAME! IIUSA Charging $500 for Freedom of Information Act EB-5 Answers

IIUSA, the purported EB-5 Industry Organization, is charging non-members $500 for the public information regarding EB-5 usage statistics.

Jose E. Latour Oct 10, 2018

Why Vietnamese Investors Want an “AV Preeminent” Rated Attorney in Their Corner

Jose's been asked what an "AV Preeminent" rating means by Vietnamese clients seeing the plaques in LatourLaw he explains.

Jose E. Latour Oct 09, 2018

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