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Get the best service from our EB-5 attorney!Jose E. Latour, Esq.
President & Managing Director
Jose is an A/V rated attorney and Principal Attorney of LatourLaw. A former U.S. Diplomatic and Consular with over 25 years of investment based immigration experience, Jose’s EB-5 attorney practice focuses on structuring legally compliant and equitable EB-5 projects for U.S. developers designed to successfully raise EB-5 investment capital while ensuring careful stewardship of EB-5 investment funds. He also advises foreign high net worth individuals with financial interests in the U.S. through Bespoke Capital Management, LatourLaw’s family office division.

Let our EB-5 immigrant investor program help you achieve your goals!Bianca Saltz, MBA
General Manager
As General Manager of American Venture Solutions EB-5, Bianca strives to deliver exceptional results. Aside from her management of the organization’s day to day operations, she spearheads AVS’s marketing campaigns and manages client relations, Her experience in structuring and marketing US Foreign Direct Investment Opportunities in numerous international markets allows Bianca to diligently manage American Venture Solutions’s Regional Centers and various EB-5 offerings.

Contact us to learn more about our EB-5 immigrant investor program!Laura Callava, Esq.
Compliance Counsel
After working as a litigator in South Florida, Laura joined the AVS Team in 2015 in order to direct the Regional Center’s compliance efforts. Laura’s role within our EB-5 immigrant investor program focuses on ensuring that all projects comply with local, state, and federal regulations, including, but not limited to, USCIS and SEC regulations. Like Jose, she also advises foreign high net worth individuals in the U.S. through LatourLaw’s family office division, Bespoke Capital Management.

Move forward with our EB-5 immigrant investor program!Chaitrali Karve
Director- Investor Relations
Chaitrali is a Florida licensed Real Estate Broker and spearheads investor relations for American Venture Solutions. Chai has vast experience in putting together real estate investment trusts for high net worth  individuals from all over the world. She has in depth knowledge of US immigration practices, investment opportunities, commercial and  residential real estate in the US. Chai, now a US Citizen, was born and brought up in India. She strives to create customized immigration plans for investors and adds tremendous value to the team through her personal experiences in having lived and worked in many countries.

Monica Pham
AVS- Vietnam Country Director
Nguyet (“Monica”) Pham is responsible for AVS EB-5’s activities in SouthEast Asia. Monica’s background before joining AVS was in finance and banking.  In 2010 she began working in the field of investment immigration. In 2016, Monica tapped into her experience in planning and executing the opening AVSEB5’s first international office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. She has a deep understanding of both substantive EB-5 law and Vietnamese market nuances and has rapidly forged a sector-leading reputation for AVS in Vietnam, establishing trusted personal relationships with our investor families in the region. Through Monica’s leadership, AVS became the first EB-5 Regional Center to publicly state its commitment to total fee transparency and to adhering to U.S. securities laws on a worldwide basis, offering prospective EB-5 investors an alternative to the predatory migration agency practices typical in the region.  Adhering to EB-5 “best practices” and effectively communicating these within the Vietnam market, Monica is fully vested in the AVS credo that each individual EB-5 investor family deserves the best specific solution for their particular situation. Today, Monica leads our AVS Vietnam team as the AVS philosophy toward delivering a truly reliable and transparent EB-5 platform reaches new markets in Southeast Asia.

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Please note, all American Venture Solutions EB-5 Projects are only available to accredited investors as defined under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Act who are not U.S. persons. An accredited investor is an individual with a net worth that exceeds $1 million dollars (excluding the value of his or her primary home) OR an individual whose income exceeded $200,000 in each of the previous two years if single or if they are married, whose income exceeded $300,000 in each of the previous two years jointly with their spouse.