Why E-2 Visas and U.S. Real Estate Investments Don’t Mix

Lots of folks are saying that passive real estate investments in the U.S.

Jose E. Latour Sep 23, 2020

Trump Issuing Executive Order Limiting Work Visas

As his poll number continue to drop and reelection hopes dim, Donald Trump is again weaponizing US immigration policy to energize his most aggressive, anti-immigrant voter base.  He is expected to sign an executive order on Monday that would suspend temporary visas for foreign workers until the end ...

Jose E. Latour Jun 23, 2020


Last week, one of the EB-5 program’s biggest players announced that they were stopping payments due to EB-5 investors because of volatility caused by the pandemic.  Citing “extremely challenging conditions” in the residential condo market, that was that, leaving its investors wondering about their i...

Jose E. Latour Jun 17, 2020

$150 = Your Family’s Immigration Plan Defined

In response to the COVID-19 situation and the inability for Attorney Jose Latour to make his monthly trips to Vietnam, LatourLaw is launching a new, low-cost video consultation services for Vietnamese clients looking for answers to their global immigration and tax questions.

Jose E. Latour Apr 11, 2020

“Invest NOW – Confirm LATER” – Our New Cyprus Passport Option

Lock Up Your Family’s Cyprus EU Passport/Residency Today without traveling, fully guaranteed!

Jose E. Latour Mar 03, 2020

Why President Trump Just Relocated To Florida

By José E.

Jose E. Latour Nov 04, 2019

FY 2010: Looking Good for Vietnam EB-5 Investors!

[NOTE FROM JOSE: Folks, we normally translate important news like today’s into Vietnamese but AVS Vietnam and I are too busy with final $500K case prep to do so.

Jose E. Latour Oct 01, 2019

EB-5 Regional Program Extended Until 11-21-19

Yesterday, Congress passed and the President signed a Continuing Resolution (a temporary extension of funding) extending the EB-5 Regional Center Program through November 21, the day when new EB-5 reforms kick in. On November 21, AVS EB-5 will be one among a handful of Regional Centers offering bona...

Jose E. Latour Sep 30, 2019

Tax-Free Profits from U.S. Real Estate Investments? Yes, really!

Through AVS Private’s innovative U.S.

Jose E. Latour Sep 23, 2019

AVS – $500K Direct EB-5 Slots

With only 3 months to go before the price of EB-5 jumps from $500K TEA\/$1M non-TEA to $900K TEA\/$1.8M non-TEA, AVS EB5 is getting many inquiries from last-minute investors wanting to beat the clock.  As I explain below, we DO have a few DIRECT EB-5 slots remaining at the $500K level, but we a...

Jose E. Latour Aug 21, 2019

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