Chaos at the Airport: NOT the Fault of CBP, ICE, or USCIS!

As the headlines pour in from all over the world with stories of the utter chaos, unfairness, and injustice triggered by President Trump's poorly-drafted, foolishly-deployed immigration executive orders, as always it is the "human interest" angle which most captures our hearts and minds.  Seeing the...

Jose E. Latour Jan 31, 2017

URGENT UPDATE to AVS EB-5 Investors Re Trump’s Immigration Executive Order

Note: the following post is extracted from an emergency email message sent by AVS EB-5 Managing Director José Latour to all AVS investors in the U.S. and abroad in the hope that it can prevent further family separations resulting from the poorly-thought-out and hastily-executed executive orders chan...

Jose E. Latour Jan 31, 2017

EB-5 Visas For Chinese Citizens

The EB-5 Visa can be an Effective Method to Immigrate to the US   It’s no secret that immigrating to the United States of America can be quite a lengthy process. A wide range of requirements and vetting has to be done for each potential new citizen, and this can lead to people having to jump th...

Jose E. Latour Jan 31, 2017

ALERT: DHS Proposes 160+% EB-5 Investment Price Increase, TEA Reforms

Prospective EB-5 Investors take note, this is a BIG one: the US Department of Homeland Security has shocked the EB-5 industry by proposing a series of important changes to the EB-5 law which will fundamentally transform the EB-5 landscape if they are adopted (as they are expected to be).   The propo...

Jose E. Latour Jan 13, 2017

The AVS EB-5 Team Wishes You a Happy New Year!

All of us at American Venture Solutions EB-5 want to wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year!   The AVS EB-5 team had a very exciting & fruitful 2016, and we expect 2017 to be even more successful. In 2016 we opened an office in Vietnam and hosted seminars in cities all ove...

Jose E. Latour Jan 05, 2017

The EB-5 Regional Center Program Extended Unchanged Until April 2017

For most of 2016 we have been anxiously awaiting ‘eminent’ changes to the EB-5 program, which has received more scrutiny and criticism than ever before by US Congress and other key players in the industry. While most of the EB-5 industry is confident the program will receive substantial new requirem...

Jose E. Latour Dec 08, 2016

Avoiding Fiduciary Responsibility: Not Just an EB-5 Problem

In April of 2017, the Labor Department's new "fiduciary rule" will take effect and the parallels between what the rule seeks to rectify and the imminent reform of EB-5 are virtually identical:  after many years of resistance/lobbying/stalling by Wall Street investment firms wanting to have their cak...

Jose E. Latour Oct 27, 2016


It is our pleasure to announce that we have partnered with NES Financial, offering our investors unparalleled transparency, security, and live access to the status of their EB-5 investment. In recent months, the EB-5 program and many EB-5 projects have been under scrutiny by the media, the US govern...

Jose E. Latour Sep 22, 2016

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