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Our first EB-5 Venture funded Lake Point Holdings, a limestone quarry near Lake Okechobee in Florida. Two separate EB-5 ...

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Where our first EB-5 project, Lake Point Capital Partners, involved an investment in aggregate (limestone) mining, Lake Point Logistics ...

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Cumberland Agroventures Limited Partnership is the EB-5 entity that will fund the newly formed Tennessee Restoration, LLC. This ...

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American Venture Solutions EB-5 (AVS EB-5) offers accredited foreign investors sound and conservative investment options. AVS EB-5’s focus on job creation and strict compliance provides our EB-5 investors with peace of mind as they pursue U.S. permanent residence via the EB-5 Program.

AVS EB-5 sold out its first 2 EB-5 investment immigration offerings, Lake Point Capital Partners, in 2015, and Lake Point EcoVentures, in 2013, raising $20 million from 40 EB-5 investors. These projects have funded the operations of a South Florida aggregate mining venture. Today the majority of these projects’ investors are already residing in the US!

Our current EB-5 immigrant investor program offering is Lake Point Logistics, a South Florida heavy trucking and logistics enterprise. Both of our EB-5 ventures are based in the rural Okeechobee area of South Florida and are creating much-needed U.S. jobs.

In 2016, AVS EB-5 will be expanding its EB-5 offerings in both Florida and Tennessee to include: new land developments, mixed use projects, agriculture, timber, and environmental ventures. We are pending United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approval of our second Regional Center, AVS Tennessee, which will operate in rural counties in Eastern Tennessee and the dynamic Nashville and Chattanooga markets.

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Please note, all American Venture Solutions EB-5 Projects are only available to accredited investors as defined under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Act who are not U.S. persons. An accredited investor is an individual with a net worth that exceeds $1 million dollars (excluding the value of his or her primary home) OR an individual whose income exceeded $200,000 in each of the previous two years if single or if they are married, whose income exceeded $300,000 in each of the previous two years jointly with their spouse.