FAQs on LatourLaw VN’s Grenada Passport/E-2 Solution

Everything you wanted to know about Grenada CBI, the E-2 option...and making Grenada your family's new home.

Jose E. Latour Oct 08, 2018

AVS Vietnam Now Recruiting for St. George’s University, Grenada

AVS Academics, the educational arm of AVS Vietnam, is proud to be an official recruitment partner of St. George's University in Grenada

Jose E. Latour Oct 03, 2018

Grenada E-2 options: Your Best Friend in the U.S. Can Be the Pathway to your E-2

I've been talking a lot about our managed franchise offering, the only one of its kind; today I'll tell you about what might be an even BETTER option...

Jose E. Latour Oct 01, 2018

2 for 2 Weekend: ANOTHER AVS Vietnam I-526 Approval, this one in 11 Months!

USCIS continues to approve AVS I-526s with and without RFE requests; today we received a surprise 11 month/no RFE approval for our Vietnamese investor

Jose E. Latour Oct 01, 2018

EB-Regional Program Extended Without Changes Through Dec. 7, 2018

Congress and the President pass another short-term government funding extension which includes the Regional Center program.

Jose E. Latour Oct 01, 2018

AVS EB-5 Investor I-526 APPROVED After 3rd Party SOF/POF Request for Evidence

AVS just got its first I-526 approval for one of the 3rd Party Source of Funds RFE's USCIS is now issuing.

Jose E. Latour Oct 01, 2018

USCIS RFEs Targeting EB-5 Transfer Payments from Vietnam and China

While hawala third party money transfers are used broadly by EB-5 investors throughout the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East, USCIS RFEs are singling out Vietnam and China investors with onerous demands for proof of third party funds.

Jose E. Latour Sep 18, 2018

LatourLaw Vietnam Launches Grenada CBI Passport/E-2 Treaty Trader/Managed Franchise Package

Latourlaw is proud to offer the first comprehensive turnkey solution for Vietnamese investors looking to relocated to the U.S. with their family in less than one year.

Jose E. Latour Sep 14, 2018

EB-5 Regional Center Program Heads for Extension

No progress for China EB-5 delays but Good News for Direct EB-5 Investors from Vietnam

Jose E. Latour Sep 14, 2018

Realtors Are Doing the EB-5 Dirty Work for South Florida Projects

For decades, unscrupulous EB-5 projects and Regional Centers have blamed their inability to control foreign agents defrauding investors. Now they have convenient partners right in the U.S....local real estate agents!

Jose E. Latour Sep 07, 2018

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