Vietnam Investors Bombarded With Fraudulent EB-5 Scams

The State Department's prediction that Vietnam will soon join China in the EB-5 backlog has prompted an unprecedented wave of fraud of fraudulent EB-5 Marketing in the country.

Jose E. Latour Mar 06, 2018

Safely Selecting a Direct EB-5 Project

A Quick Summary of Key Points Direct EB-5 Investors Should Consider Carefully Before Investing

Jose E. Latour Feb 28, 2018

Direct EB-5: The Safer Alternative to Regional Center Uncertainties

As Washington struggles to reform abuses in the EB-5 Regional Center program, the chief abusers are spending millions to stop reform. Direct EB-5 is the best option for 2018 investors.

Jose E. Latour Feb 24, 2018

VIETNAM: Despite Looming EB-5 Backlog and Price Increase, Still TIme to Secure EB-5 for $500,000

The US State Department has predicted that Vietnam will run out of EB-5 visa slots for FY 2018 in the next two months and new regs will raise the investment threshold: here's what you can do now.

Jose E. Latour Feb 16, 2018

What to Look For in A Direct, Pooled EB-5 Investment

More & more EB-5 investors are looking at the option of an EB-5 investment which creates 10 Direct Jobs without the Regional Center's what to look for.

Jose E. Latour Feb 16, 2018

Frustration Grows with EB-5 Processing Times

Discussing a Solution to I-526 Processing Backlog

Jose E. Latour Feb 15, 2018

Direct, CURATED Individual EB-5 Opportunities

How Properly Selected Direct EB-5 Opportunities Can Benefit Prospective EB-5 Investors

Jose E. Latour Feb 13, 2018

U.S. Court Reverses USCIS in Favor of EB-5 Investors

There has been much discussion of late regarding USCIS’ interpretation of call options in EB-5 investment structures.

Jose E. Latour Feb 12, 2018

EB-5 Extended As-Is Until March 23, 2018….but Bloggers Are Confusing Everyone!!

I know most of our Vietnamese friends and AVS family members are too immersed in pre-Tet planning to be intently following the zany developments of Washington this week, so I’m writing this short entry to update you:

Jose E. Latour Feb 12, 2018

EB-5 Changes Imminent as Washington’s Dysfunction Continues

I am sitting in Doha, Qatar, waiting for my connection, and it just dawned on me that this whole business of trying to predict the future of EB-5 has become less of a “science” and more of an interpretive study in human dynamics since the launch of this most-unpredictable Trumpian era.  We are all s...

Jose E. Latour Jan 15, 2018

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