Vietnam Migration Agent Websites: Lies, Scams and Fraud

While Vietnam migration agents have never been known for their ethical behavior, the bar continues to be lowered.

Jose E. Latour Dec 06, 2018

EB-5 UPDATE: Two More Weeks of Existing EB-5 Law Likely

Congress is currently acting on a two week government funding extension which will likely see the EB-5 Regional Center program, currently set to expire this Friday, extended without changes.

Jose E. Latour Dec 05, 2018

Migration Agents Selling Grenada "Bait and Switch" to Other CBI Programs, Scamming Investors

When a prospective investor approaches a migration agent about a specific program, the agent will often steer the client to the most profitable one on their shelf...even if it isn't the best solution and it can lead to US visa denial in the future.

Jose E. Latour Nov 21, 2018

New Data Interpretation Says Great Things For Vietnam EB-5 Investors!

Suzanne Lazicki has crunched the most recent USCIS-provided EB-5 processing numbers to extrapolate future predictions for investors, and it's all good news for Vietnam investors.

Jose E. Latour Nov 14, 2018

VIDEO BLOG: Why the E-2 Visa Beats the L-1A Visa Most of the Time

In the old days, the L-1A visa was a reliable path from temporary work visa to permanent residency for entrepreneurs opening U.S. offices. That is no longer the case and the E-2 is a safer and more flexible alternative in most cases.

Jose E. Latour Nov 13, 2018

Choosing Between the L-1A and E-2 Nonimmigrant Visas

The L-1A visa used to be the best option for foreign investors going to the U.S. Here's why we think the E-2 beats it hands down.

Jose E. Latour Nov 10, 2018

LatourLaw Vietnam's New "Immigration Insider" YouTube Channel

Laura and Jose are starting short video blogs discussing U.S. and global migration options, pre-immigration tax planning, E-2 visas, and other topics of interest.

Jose E. Latour Nov 06, 2018

RAPID EB-5 FUNDING: 3 Strategies for Beating the EB-5 Price Increase

With about one month to go before the current version of the EB-5 rules expire and the prospect of an increase from $500,000 to $1.3M, here is how Vietnamese investors can quickly source EB-5 funds which satisfy U.S. SOF laws.

Jose E. Latour Oct 30, 2018

Vietnam's Last $500,000 EB-5 Investors Rush to Beat December Program Expiration

As USCIS moves to increase the minimum required EB-5 investment amount to $1.3 million (TEA project), Vietnamese investors scramble to fund before the huge price jump expected after December 7.

Jose E. Latour Oct 29, 2018

GOING DEEP: How Grenadian Nationality Can Deliver Future Tax Savings on Global Income

Our "Going Deep" series is designed for our readers who want a more comprehensive understanding of their foreign investment and immigration options.

Jose E. Latour Oct 25, 2018

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