AVS Team in Washington as New EB-5 Changes Unveiled

AVS Leadership Team in Meetings to Discuss Reforms and Future of EB-5 AVS Director Monica Pham, AVS General Counsel Laura Callava, and AVS President Jose Latour arrived in Washington, D.C.

Jose E. Latour Jul 25, 2019

Pre-Immigration Tax Planning Via Offshore Trusts

LatourLaw Family Offices 5 Part Series Explaining Pre-Immigration Tax Planning, Options, and Strategies Part 1: The Importance of Pre-Immigration Tax Planning [IMPORTANT NOTE: The subject of global taxation is immensely complex and varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  The scope of this ar...

Jose E. Latour Jul 22, 2019

8/19 Visa Bulletin Projects Longer Vietnam Delays…But Don’t Panic!

Okay, my Vietnamese (and Indian) friends and investors, take a deep breath and let me explain why the new August Visa Bulletin is neither surprising…nor as horrible as it looks.  YES, it is true that the just-released bulletin appears to add a substantial amount of backlog time to EB-5 ap...

Jose E. Latour Jul 17, 2019


The final rule on EB-5 reform is about to be published and the day of the $500,000 EB-5 will be over.

Jose E. Latour Jul 03, 2019

OMB Cancels Monday's EB-5 Reform Regulation Meeting With AVS, Finalizing Rule for Publication

This coming Monday, July 1st, attorneys for America Venture Solutions Regional Center were scheduled to travel to Washington, D.C., for a confirmed appointment with the U.S. Office of Management and Budget to discuss EB-5 reform regulations. The OMB has had multiple meetings with the largest NYC E...

Jose E. Latour Jun 28, 2019

USCIS Beats Processing Time in Latest AVS EB-5 Investor I-526 Approval

USCIS processing continues to be slow, but we are seeing signs of progress.

Jose E. Latour May 02, 2019

USCIS Responds to EB-5 Case Status Request...7 Months Later!

Despite progress made in 2018, USCIS' EB-5 unit still faces substantial challenges as it strives to reduce its backlog of EB-5 petitions.

Jose E. Latour Apr 02, 2019

EB-5 I-526 Processing Delays Continue, Despite Record USCIS Performance in 2018

Last year, USCIS was able to reduce the number of pending (and long-delayed) I-526 EB-5 investor petitions by some 10,000. Despite this progress, the delays continue, frustrating investors eager to move to the U.S.

Jose E. Latour Mar 29, 2019

AVS EB-5 Continues Perfect Record of Vietnam I-526/I-829 Approvals and Refunds 1st Investors

With USCIS tightened adjudications policy on Vietnam EB-5 cases, AVS continues to see a 100% approval record for Vietnam investors both with and without RFEs.

Jose E. Latour Dec 10, 2018

Vietnam Migration Agent Websites: Lies, Scams and Fraud

While Vietnam migration agents have never been known for their ethical behavior, the bar continues to be lowered.

Jose E. Latour Dec 06, 2018

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