Advantages of EB-5 Investment Immigration

Investment immigration through the EB-5 programs is a fairly recent opportunity provided to those who wish to become permanent residents and citizens of the US. EB-5 is considered a “win-win” for both the investor wishing for residency and for the US: Investment immigration provides the investor wit...

Jose E. Latour Jun 07, 2017

New York Bar: Foreign Migration Brokers CANNOT Be Paid EB-5 Referral Fees

After railing for the last few years about how Big EB-5 cheats via census tract "gerrymandering" in order to falsely qualify as a TEA, this has been a pretty great month for us here at AVSEB-5 and for the handful of TRUE TEA and rural projects having to compete against six page color spreads in glos...

Jose E. Latour May 31, 2017

The New “Fiduciary Rule” and What it Means for the EB-5 Industry

After months of uncertainty, and expectation that President Trump might kill the regulation, the so-called “Fiduciary Rule” is now scheduled to go into effect June 9.  The idea behind the fiduciary rule is to create a requirement that requirement that investment and financial advisers to act only in...

Jose E. Latour May 31, 2017

What is the EB-5 Visa?

Welcome back to the American Venture Solutions EB-5 Blog! If you are just joining us, in our last post, we talked about the importance of choosing the right EB-5 lawyer and what characteristics the right EB-5 lawyer will have. The characteristics that we discussed include: Knowledge of Business &...

Jose E. Latour May 31, 2017

What to Look for in an EB-5 Lawyer

Do you want to become a permanent resident of the United States? Are you wanting to provide opportunities to your children in America that you never had? The EB-5 Investor Program is a viable option for you and your family to gain permanent residency in the U.S. What this program does is give foreig...

Jose E. Latour May 31, 2017

Update on Our ‘Rock Solid’ EB-5 Projects

Now that we know that the future of EB-5 will be determined in the next few months, we wanted to provide you with a brief update about our EB-5 projects and remind you of the AVS EB-5 commitment to protecting our EB-5 investors. As you know, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program has been facing a...

Jose E. Latour May 11, 2017

EB-5: A Study in “Moral Hazard”

If you took an economics course in college, you might vaguely remember the term “moral hazard”.  I do, and I remember it precisely because, in contrast to the rest of what the brilliant University of Florida Prof. David Denslow tried to hammer into my dense 18 year old brain, it was a foreign concep...

Jose E. Latour May 04, 2017

Location of Lake Point Projects Will Continue to Qualify as TEA

Will the location of AVS EB-5 Projects’ continue to qualify as a “Targeted Employment Areas” and be eligible for the minimum threshold for investment based on the proposed regulations?  Invest in the USA (IIUSA) released a report on April 20, 2017, evaluating ‘How TEA policy proposals will shape the...

Jose E. Latour Apr 25, 2017

What It Means to Be a “Conditional Resident” of the United States

One of the biggest steps in the process of becoming a United States citizen through the EB-5 visa program is what happens after your interview at the United States consulate. This is when, if your application is approved after your interview, you'll be able to move to the United States as Conditiona...

Jose E. Latour Apr 19, 2017

The Requirements for Investment Immigration

Investment immigration is a safe and legal way to move yourself and your family to the United States. American Venture Solutions offers a number of investment opportunities to foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to the United States. If you are interested in utilizing the EB-5 visa program (the ...

Jose E. Latour Apr 19, 2017

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