HLG newsletter issue #14

Jose E. Latour Jul 20, 2012

A Negative Sovereign Rate of Return

A lot of people believe I'm being Mr. Hyperbolic when I say that international investors are FRANTIC for safe markets. This is why more Chinese are asking me even more about direct investment than they are about EB-5!I'm connecting in Dallas to head home and just saw an article in today's USA TODAY:...

Jose E. Latour Jul 20, 2012

St. Kitts & Nevis Yacht Visits Booming

As many of our international readers know, Harvey Law Group is now offering the St. Kitts & Nevis immigrant investor program, one of the few which goes beyond offering residency for investors and actually offers investors nationality in the country, issuing them passports. My HLG partners Mikael...

Jose E. Latour Jul 15, 2012

Lake Point 4th of July Newsletter

...from Lake Point Restoration     Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.   ~Albert Camus On Independence Day many Americans are taking time to reflect on the principles and values that define our great nation. We are grateful each day for the opportunities that freedom allow us to have.    A...

Jose E. Latour Jul 05, 2012

You Want GLOBAL Immigration News? HLG HAS IT!

1. CANADA Greek misery could mean Canadian immigration gains – June 25, 2012 It was never Greece's intent, but it has inadvertently provided a generation of talented young Greeks with the means to escap...

Jose E. Latour Jul 03, 2012

Canada Pauses Federal Immigrant Investor Program June 28, EB-5 Demand Surges

Folks, I am in Beijing and yesterday’s news is the talk of the town: the Canadian Federal Immigrant Investor Program, which is being revamped, has been paused for at LEAST the rest of this year.  The full press release is below but here’s what it means for EB-5:·     &n...

Jose E. Latour Jul 02, 2012

One EB-5 Lawyer With Too Many Hats?

Last week's ILW EB-5 Continuing Legal Education Summit in Nashville, as I've already told you, was the best ever...sort of a Woodstock of EB-5 Stars. Okay, perhaps that is not the right analogy. (-:  But the point is that when you get the best minds on a given subject together in one room, the ...

Jose E. Latour Jun 22, 2012

Miami Herald: Margaritaville Beach Resort EB-5 Project Faces July 1 Default

If there has been a recurring issue in my practice of structuring and marketing EB-5 projects this past year, it has to do with the reconciliation of the true EB-5 process timelines with the fabrications of EB-5 structure "brokers" who promise developers completely unrealistic timelines.  As is...

Jose E. Latour Jun 21, 2012

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