VIDEO BLOG: The EB-5 Story in 10 Minutes

Jose E. Latour Apr 06, 2011

VIDEOBLOG: Comparing Individual EB-5 Visas with Regional Center EB-5s

April 1 2011 Video Blog by Jose Latour, Esq.…

Jose E. Latour Apr 01, 2011

VIDEOBLOG: The EB-5 Visa Explained in 5 Minutes by Jose Latour

In my ongoing effort to "professionalize" my blog, I switch from YouTube to Vimeo for my video uploads.  Unfortunately, I haven't figured it out yet, so the title of this first Vimeo video is......"UNTITLED"...Enjoy! …

Jose E. Latour Mar 30, 2011

Brian Su’s Houston EB-5 Seminar- April 29th- COME SEE US!

Anyone who has sought EB-5 investors from China and doesn't know who Brian Su is needs to take a step back and regroup.  The reality is that China, as the world's largest consumer of EB-5 Immigrant Investor visas, is the "Wild, Wild East" for EB-5 Regional Centers looking fo...

Jose E. Latour Mar 30, 2011

Great Editorial from WhichEB5’s Steve Parnell

ILW.COM just ran an article which eloquently explains why EB-5 I-526 petitions deserve a much more focused effort aimed at resolving the current 8+ month delays we are facing...couldn't have said it better myself, so here's the link:Commentary on Why I-526 Delays are Bad for the U.S.&helli...

Jose E. Latour Mar 28, 2011

April CMB Investor Event in Aruba

CMB is hosting an investor event by invitation only on April 9-11 at the Renaissance Aruba.  This is a very good opportunity for prospective EB-5 investors to meet with both CMB President Pat Hogan and VP Kraig Schwigen.  Their in-house Latin America case manager will be there to translate...

Jose E. Latour Mar 22, 2011

CMB’S Big Milestone: Congratulations to My Friends in Moline

[My Dear Readers: as you are no doubt aware, I've been rather quiet for the past few months.  The year got off to a difficult start with my mother getting ill and then passing away in January.  As you can imagine, the muses flee when life's big changes occur, and it's been a bit difficult ...

Jose E. Latour Mar 22, 2011

Quick Update on my “Silence”

I've received a number of emails from readers in the past few weeks asking why I have been invisible and my normally chatty self has been anything but that.  I regret to inform my readers that the reason for my silence has been my 88 year old mother's health: as an only child, I am so...

Jose E. Latour Jan 10, 2011

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