Folks, I sent the letter below to those who attended/tried to attend our Dubai seminar.  It occured to me that we might have some readers who have found us since the seminar and who might be interested in "face time' with us regarding their immigrant investor opportunities in the U.S. &nbs...

Jose E. Latour Jan 10, 2011

Extensive Reuters EB-5 Investigation Quotes Latour and Gibson

Folks, a few weeks ago I was interviewed extensively both on and off camera by Reuters reporters doing a comprehensive investigative piece on the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa.  My good friend Michael Gibson, along with a number of other attorneys and principals in the EB-5 sector, were also int...

Jose E. Latour Dec 23, 2010

Senators Kerry and Lugar’s Proposed New EB-5: Fundamental Problems

Greetings...and my apologies for my recent silence!  Since returning from Dubai last month things have been quite hectic: lots of clients coming and going, my annual monastic retreat to Massachusetts (heaven sent and much needed this year) and, sadly, my 88 year old mother had a bad fall earlie...

Jose E. Latour Dec 13, 2010

A Little Escape from the Matrix

Folks, I'm doing my annual retreat and will be "radio silent" for the next few days.  Take a look:Retreat…

Jose E. Latour Dec 01, 2010

Flashback: Port of Entry 2002 Thanksgiving Blog

Joey, friend of mine from many years past emailed yesterday.  He wanted to see if we could find a blog I'd written Thanksgiving week 2002 in my prior "before the word 'blog'" existed online daily posting, Port of Entry.  Well, I've been meaning to get the old ...

Jose E. Latour Nov 23, 2010

New EB-5 RC Filing Fee, I-526/I-529 Increases Beg Many Questions

Although I've only discussed the upcoming Regional Center filing fee in recent blogs, I should have mentioned the new increases affecting EB-5 Investors filing I-526s and I-829.  D-Day is here tomorrow and effective Nov. 23, 2010, these are the new fees:I-924, the new "Application for...

Jose E. Latour Nov 22, 2010

EB-5 Gone Wrong? Tell, Your Story.

Folks, as you know, I keep my big mouth shut when it comes to naming names associated with EB-5 disasters.  Recently, I have had requests from several media friends who are eager to speak with individuals who have been subjected to adjudication problems, denials, or other issues in connection w...

Jose E. Latour Nov 22, 2010

Dubai Wrap Up- EB-5 Alive and Well

In three hours I'm on British Airways to London but what a week it's been: it is difficult to relay the energy, ethnic diversity, and raw brainpower behind this urban testimony to architecture.  The seminar went beautifully, Dubai is talking EB-5 for the first time, and mix of ex-pats and regional p...

Jose E. Latour Nov 19, 2010

Last Minute Dubai Seminar Seats….

I know it's late, folks,  but we have been able to accomodate all of the Waiting List folks and I have had 5 last-minute cancellations.  If anyone wants to crash the party tomorrow morning, or if any of your registered wants to bring someone who is interested in attending, please emai...

Jose E. Latour Nov 16, 2010

Dubai: Day One

Jud's secret jet-lag recipe (a/k/a Tylenol PM) worked wonders and I was raring to go this morning when Namjoo came to get me at the hotel.  (Namjoo, for those of you who may not recognize the name, is my West Coast representative, a Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant and -- most relevent to t...

Jose E. Latour Nov 16, 2010

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