About Yesterday’s Good News…


Yesterday I posted an entry regarding some GREAT news we just received regarding the very favorable economic impact report results for our first batch of I-829s.  After reflecting on the fact that the econometrics documented the creation of 50% more full-time-equivalent jobs than originally forecast…I decided to remove the blog.   Why?

Well, humble-bragging aside — and Bianca and Laura call me on that on a daily basis — I decided that this news was more like a family celebration than a moment to thump my EB-5 chest.  Accordingly, I have sent each of our original first project investors a personal note conveying the great news and thanking them for having faith in American Venture Solutions EB-5 before we had our first approval and our still-sterling record of I-526 success.

I fully expected the report to reflect ample job creation, but my expectations were dramatically exceeded…and I am SOOOOOO proud that we have been able to deliver for those who trusted us when I was only reluctantly entering this scary world of EB-5.   Today,  prospective EB-5 investors can look at our history of success, transparency, and unwavering compliance with U.S. securities and immigration laws – both inside AND outside the U.S. – and choose AVS EB-5 based upon our record, and that’s a great thing.  But to me, the heroes in this whole EB-5 success story will always be those first folks -mostly in Vietnam – who looked me dead in the eye and trusted me when I all I had was a business plan, a Regional Center, and the very best of intentions.

Here’s to those willing to take the calculated risks that ultimately generate the success others only dream about! (-;  J

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