Cumberland Agroventures Limited Partnership is the EB-5 entity that will fund the newly formed Tennessee Restoration, LLC. This company will address eastern Tennessee’s local market’s need for a centralized management system to perform rural land development, agricultural support, timber harvesting, hay farming, and environmental improvement projects. All of these will be deployed in seven different interconnected land parcels totaling over 16,000 acres in rural Rhea and Bledsoe counties in eastern Tennessee.

Our investment immigration team has filed the EB-5 Regional Center application for AVS Tennessee with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Upon USCIS approval, AVS Tennessee will provide an exciting, new, multifaceted, and rural EB-5 immigration by investment opportunity.

Future Projects at Tennessee Restoration

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Approximately 1,600 acres will be sold as residential lots ranging in size from 5 to 25 acres. Tennessee Restoration plans to perform all of the necessary activities to prepare the lots for sale. This includes clearing, grading, building access roads, and preparing the infrastructure for utilities.

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There are various types of hard and soft woods on the site. Currently, Tennessee Restoration is in the midst of arranging for a vendor to harvest timber on an annual cycle for a fixed price per acre. The cleared lands will be sustainably farmed for hay production, insuring preservation of greenspace through economically self-sufficient, low-impact cultivation.

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Hay production will be a primary activity for Tennessee Restoration given the demand for winter hay in this region. A substantial portion of production will be used within the project, with excess hay sold directly to local farmers.

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