CONGRATS Queensfort Sonic: First Investor is Their First I-526 Approval!

Congratulations out to Arthur, Carolina, and all the folks at Queensfort/Sonic for their first I-526 approval!   The EB-5 investor, who wanted an equity-based EB-5 project, contacted me via Immigration Insider.   He was the first to invest in QS and LatourLaw filed his I-526 - their f...

Jose E. Latour Dec 16, 2011

Important Tax Update for Expats

Steve Cantor and Hal Webb are among the best private client tax practioners in the U.S. and, fortunately for me and many of my clients, located right here in Miami.  Today the firm sent out an email advising of recent IRS guidance for U.S. Citizens or Dual Citizens Residing Outside the U.S.&nbs...

Jose E. Latour Dec 13, 2011

HELP! Miami Office Needs Admin Assistant: Fluent Mandarin Required

Folks, I posted an ad earlier and got several attorneys applying...I apologize for the confusion.  I am actually looking for an Administrative Assistant who is fully fluent in Mandarin.  This person will be serving as my primary "vocal chord" in Miami so poor Sharon doesn't ...

Jose E. Latour Dec 05, 2011

Sinophobia Rears its Ugly Head: Mamtek’s Forgotten EB-5 Investors

Remember October 13th's Immigration Insider, On Trust and EB-5 Marketing in China, where I mentioned Missouri's Mamtek EB-5 mess, where a number of EB-5 investors from China got taken for a ride, along with the State of Missouri?  Well, it's finally making the mainstream media in...

Jose E. Latour Dec 04, 2011

EB-5 Won’t Be the Only Chinese Money Creating U.S. Jobs

With Sinophobia now officially hitting the Republican primary debates (astonishingly triggered by no less than the former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman -- excellent Christian Science Monitor article HERE ), the Chinese government's announcement that it wants to bankroll U.S. infrastruct...

Jose E. Latour Dec 02, 2011

JOB OPENING IN MIAMI: Fluent Written and Spoken Mandarin Required

F-1 with EAD okay, will sponsor H-1B for the right person. Qualifications:Must be TRULY fluent in business Chinese, as in native-level fluencyPrefer AA or BS in business, English, or IT but open to all educational BGsMust be fully competent in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and possess the ability to writ...

Jose E. Latour Nov 23, 2011

The China Real Estate Market and Its Effect on EB-5 Investment

I’ve been trying for a few months now to explain to my Regional Center and EB-5 Project clients the nature of “hot money” in China, and why I believe we in America have a unique opportunity right now to drive EB-5 capital to our shores.  In the past three weeks with Sharon, traipsing through a ...

Jose E. Latour Nov 15, 2011

Thoughtful Editorial on Proposed Bill to Give RE Investors Green Cards

First Objective Critique of "Homes for Visa" Legislation…

Jose E. Latour Nov 14, 2011

Green Cards for Green Acres? Not So Fast, Folks

[Fraud Warning: in the preceding days, I have learned of at least one California real estate broker as well as of several unscrupulous Chinese brokers who are marketing the “buy real estate, get a green card” concept despite it NOT being law. Please be careful out there!. Sharon will soon be joining...

Jose E. Latour Nov 14, 2011

Chinese Capital: Changing the World

Given the typically "unglobal" American world perspective, many U.S. ventures seeking EB-5 capital approach guys like me with the mistaken presumption that “it’s all about America”, that is, that U.S. permanent residency is so coveted that even the most fiscally-flaccid EB-5 offering well ...

Jose E. Latour Nov 10, 2011

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