F-1 Seminar Series Off to a Great Start at USC

The crowd was small, the questions were rapid-fire, and the first "Taking Charge of Your Green Card: New Millennium Options for F-1 Students" seminar went off with barely a hitch.  ("Barely" because the projector I was REQUIRED to rent - I travel with my own - was forgotten&...

Jose E. Latour Apr 14, 2010

“Live and Nationwide”…Like ZZTOP…(well, sort of…)

LA Seminar Press Release…

Jose E. Latour Apr 12, 2010

A Passage from India…to America??

While everyone knows that the Chinese have emigrated to Canada in vast numbers in the past decade and a half, not a lot of us on this side of the border are aware that, from investment visa numbers, Canada has been a powerful magnet for Indian immigration.  It might simply be that the numbers o...

Jose E. Latour Apr 08, 2010

A Case of the “EB Jeebies”: Dodging the EB-5 Hard Sell

I was talking with a friend of mine - a securities attorney --  the other day about the dramatic surge of EB-5-pushing attorneys, a stark contrast to the reality only a year ago, when few immigration attorneys were actively pursuing the visa category.  My friend, a partner with a major nat...

Jose E. Latour Apr 01, 2010

Canada’s Investment Immigration: 2 Steps Ahead of the Superior U.S. EB-5

Canada entered their current model of investment-based immigration years after the U.S. enacted the EB5 Regional Center visa category, but they sprinted out of the starting gate.  When I had my Hong Kong office in the mid-90's, in the years preceding Hong Kong's cessation to China by ...

Jose E. Latour Mar 26, 2010

Immigrant Migration Patterns: Little Pink Houses

It's no surprise that when times are tough and jobs are scarce, the number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. drops.  What IS interesting, however, is in trying to understand the impact of the recession on overall U.S. immigration...and census stats can't quite tell the tale.Toda...

Jose E. Latour Mar 24, 2010

TEA for Two? Thoughts on Economic Zone Gerrymandering

The hypothetical: You are approached by a client who has a solid business in place, a good history of success; the company is looking to expand production to meet export demand.  Although highly invested in the firm, they need money for the expansion, but the banks are saying "no way, Jose...

Jose E. Latour Mar 18, 2010

PART 3 -Video: U.S. Permanent Residency for F-1 Students

Sigh...I did it AGAIN.  The third installment went over by a minute so look for 3.5, which is a quick two minutes.I have to get a stopwatch.  I talk SOOOOOO much.Have a great weekend and remember: in addition to the useful information I provide in these video blogs for F-1 students looking...

Jose E. Latour Feb 19, 2010

Video: U.S. Permanent Residency for F-1 Students- PART 2

This second part of the blog discusses the options available to graduating F-1 students with entrepreneurial ambitions.…

Jose E. Latour Feb 18, 2010

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