Pt. 3- Dr. José Manuel Pallí Examina la EB5: No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No Venga

Part 3 of the article writtenby José Manuel Pallí.  Parts 1 & 2 were posted in the past two days. LA TRASTIENDA DE LAS VISASEB-5 Por José Manuel Pallí El Centro Regional de mis sueños sería aquel capaz decrear el modelo de inversión más conservador y prudente pero que aún así conserve las caract...

Jose E. Latour May 27, 2010

Pt. 2- Dr. José Manuel Pallí Examina la EB5: No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No Venga

Part 2 of the article writtenby José Manuel Pallí.  Part 1 was posted yesterday, May 25 and Part 3 will beposted tomorrow, May 27. LA TRASTIENDA DE LAS VISASEB-5 Por José Manuel Pallí La idea detrás de éste programa que reduce a la mitad –deun millón de dólares a medio millón- el monto de la inversi...

Jose E. Latour May 26, 2010

Dr. José Manuel Pallí Examina la EB5: No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No Venga, Pt.1

This article was written by José Manuel Pallí, my cousin, colleague and friend.  José Manuel's eloquence in Spanish, along with his distinctly pragmatic understanding of the choices faced by prospective immigrant investors, uniquely qualifies him to examine the EB-5 Regional Center visa at a deep le...

Jose E. Latour May 25, 2010

EB5 Investing: the Devil is in the Details

One of the greatest challenges in helping prospectiveforeign investors understand the EB-5 regional center investment opportunitycenters around the linguistic issues associated with translating what isinvariably some highly complex language. Let's face it: this is some complicated stuff.&#...

Jose E. Latour May 25, 2010

Venezuela: Daring to Disrupt

When you think about it, there are very rational reasonsbehind the truism that the squeaky wheel invariably gets the oil.  In fact, but for the acoustic disruptiontriggered by said wheel, the bearings would silently grind down and bring the wholemovement to a standstill, without warning. The di...

Jose E. Latour May 18, 2010

Understanding Venezuela’s Prospective EB5 Investors

As I sit at the gate waiting to board for Caracas, I'm remembering the rules I have learned from my most recent trips to Venezuela to visit clients and prospective clients.Don't wear anything red unless you want to be perceived as a supporter of the governmentDon't pay for anything wi...

Jose E. Latour May 17, 2010

Of Sheep and EB5 Regional Centers

"If You Build it…They Might NOT Come"....                                                    &#...

Jose E. Latour May 11, 2010

The Rise of the Brazillionaire

After over two decades of representing hundreds ofBrazilians investment-based  andprofessional immigrants in the United States, I finally made it to Brazil. Myhasty January visit -- more than anything a glimpse into the still-Napoleonictendencies demonstrated by the occasional US visa officer -...

Jose E. Latour Apr 27, 2010

The Quagmire of Advising EB5 Visa Clients: Walking the Tightrope

Learning more and more this past year about the EB5immigrant investor visa has proven to be a double-edged sword. As animmigration attorney, my professional background sorely lacks the formaltraining in finance, securities, and investments which are not only essentialin determining the quality of an...

Jose E. Latour Apr 20, 2010

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