On the Road Again…

Heading out of town for the weekend but I wanted to leave you with a link to Andres Oppenheimer's latest article in the Miami Herald.  It explains some basic fundamentals about why we have so many illegal aliens and just HOW our current disastrous immigration system has perpetuated this tr...

Jose E. Latour Apr 29, 2010

Raising Hell in Arizona

One of the great and terrible things about the Internet isthe anonymity that it provides. This morning, Miami Herald columnist Andres Oppenheimerwrote an opinion piece regarding the potential repercussions of Arizona's new,aggressively anti-immigrant legislation. I rarely comment on online arti...

Jose E. Latour Apr 26, 2010

NEXT WEEK: Jose’s FREE F-1 Seminars in Southern California

Next Tuesday-Thursday I will be at USC, UC Irvine and UCLA presenting our new seminar entitled:"Life after F-1: Taking Control of Your U.S. Permanent Residence"...a free seminar on the subject ofU.S. immigration options for graduating international students interested inlegally remaining i...

Jose E. Latour Apr 07, 2010

Impatience with Priority Date Delays

If there is a single issue (besides the daily barrage of EB-5 inquiries) about which folks have been emailing me the past few weeks , it is definitely the Priority Date situation.  F-1 students, in particular, have evolved from the standard concerns about the transition from OPT to H-1B status ...

Jose E. Latour Feb 22, 2010

My Visit to the Mauthausen Concentration Camp- 10 Years Later

  I have tried and tried hard to find a hard copy of this article since I wanted to make sure that Loyola University's Blueprint for Social Justice got credit for the reprint, but all I can find is this low resolution scan of the article.  Accordingly, the text of the original article is below. Sinc...

Jose E. Latour Oct 03, 2009

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