American Venture Solutions EB-5 (AVS EB-5) has fully subscribed two EB-5 projects for Lake Point, and is currently working with the management team at Lake Point to raise EB-5 capital for two EB-5 projects: Lake Point Capital Partners Phase II and Lake Point Logisitcs. Additionally, AVS is in the process of developing a future EB-5 offering for Tennessee Restoration. To learn more about each of our three projects, we invite you to visit each project’s individual page.

7a5734_b8fc922a73d64e9f9b7dbda2ccd1330eLake Point is limestone quarry in Canal Point, FL, near Lake Okeechobee. From 2014 to 2015, AVS EB-5 raised $20 Million via 40 EB-5 to fund the Lake Point project.
In 2016, AVS EB-5 launched the sec0nd phase of the Lake Point Project and will be raising another $10 Million via EB-5 funds.

7a5734_4a24b8d6df23422db4949db7a08bb2a4The Lake Point Logistics EB-5 project will fund Southern Aggregrate Transport Services, which will transport limestone aggregate products for producers in South Florida. This is AVS EB-5 team’s current EB-5 offering.

Screenshot_1Cumberland Agroventures will be our future EB-5 offering. The EB-5 capital raised will be used to fund Tennessee Restoration, a land development, environmental, and agricultural enterprise in rural Tennessee.