T Minus 3 Days: On Trust and EB-5 Marketing in China

Just finished a chat with my still-jet-lagged partner Sharon Shi, who is somewhere West of Shanghai with a serious case of insomnia and EB-5-itis.  Sharon left Monday, arrived Tuesday, and will be meeting me in Beijing next week to begin what is turning into a rather grueling seminar schedule.&...

Jose E. Latour Oct 13, 2011

Announcing Our China/Vietnam Seminar Tour: Oct. 16 – Nov. 9, 2011

On October 16th, the distinguished Chinese-American attorney Sharon Shi and I will begin a three week EB-5 marketing tour in China and Vietnam.  Sharon, my shiny new partner, spent most of 2010 closing EB-5 deals in China; she decided, despite her astonishing success last year going it alone, t...

Jose E. Latour Oct 05, 2011

Heads Up, EB-5 Regional Centers: “Accredited Investor” Redefined Under Dodd-Frank

First off, serious kudos to Akerman for their on-point memo (see bottom of blog for link to their site) on this subject; it was totally under the radar till I saw it there and incredibly important from an SEC compliance standpoint, as much for Regional Centers qualifying investors as for immigration...

Jose E. Latour Aug 11, 2010

Sonic Boom: EB-5 Regional Centers Embrace Franchises

In the beginning there was equity.  And it sucked.  It sucked because for the first decade or so, the vast majority of EB-5 Regional Centers were focused exclusively on circumventing the letter of the law as handed down in the Immigration Act of 1990 (IMMACT90), wherein capital risk was a ...

Jose E. Latour Aug 06, 2010

“Y entonces que esperas??”- Editorial/Comentario EB5 Por Abogado Jose Latour

Comenzando misegundo año concentrando en la visa EB5, hay una estadística que se destacaentre las muchas asociadas con el programa de visa de inversor: la escasez delatinoamericanos que se comprometen a participar en lo que probablemente es lamejor oportunidad para realizar residencia norteamericana...

Jose E. Latour Jun 08, 2010

Dr. José Manuel Pallí Examina la EB5: No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No Venga, Pt.1

This article was written by José Manuel Pallí, my cousin, colleague and friend.  José Manuel's eloquence in Spanish, along with his distinctly pragmatic understanding of the choices faced by prospective immigrant investors, uniquely qualifies him to examine the EB-5 Regional Center visa at a deep le...

Jose E. Latour May 25, 2010

EB5 Regional Centers: The Rabbit Hole Freefall

I have had a pretty busy week so the blog factory in my brain is a bit backlogged, but I didn't want you to head home for the weekend without a little "immigrant investor food for thought".As you know, the past few months for me have been a pretty deep and full immersion into the worl...

Jose E. Latour Jan 29, 2010

EB5 Piggybacking: an Option Worth Exploring

With this whole EB5 US Immigration foreign investment visa buzz, another target demographic has emerged for those of us who work with EB5 US investor visas: the US developers, development agencies, and assorted entrepreneurs who finally "get" the concept of infrastructure and project capit...

Jose E. Latour Jan 25, 2010

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